Boris, Brexit and Indy

The publication of the Ashcroft poll on the 5th of August will be looked back on as a small but significant event in the history of Scottish independence. Indicating majority support for independence — 52% — for the first time in years, and majority support for holding a new referendum, it has boosted the confidence of the Independence movement and confirmed the fears of the ruling class.

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Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Scandal: Capitalism puts Profit Before People

To say that the Scottish Government’s handling of the construction of a new children’s hospital in the suburb of Little France has been negligent, is a bit like saying the sinking of the Titanic ruined a few holidays . The capitulation of every level of bureaucracy to the whims of for-profit has exacerbated a number of inherent structural flaws and health hazards that has prolonged its opening far beyond the foreseeable future, far less the expected opening of July 2019. 

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Blue Water Schools: No Safety where there’s Profit!

The final school bell of the academic year couldn’t come soon enough for North Lanarkshire Council. As they blundered from press spot to public meeting without any explanation as to the presence of blue water containing traces of iron on the shared campus of St Ambrose and Buchanan High, the potential impact of strike action taken by teachers from the latter was only mitigated by the summer recess. 

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SNP: Oil Boom or Climate Emergency?

As the SNP build their new case for independence, proposals concerning the Scottish economy continue to revolve around the nation’s potential command over North Sea oil reserves. A recent report from the Scotsman states that according to predictions from the Oil and Gas Authority, around 11.9 billion barrels of oil will be extracted from the North Sea by 2050, ‘a hike of almost 50 per cent from the forecast four years ago, of eight billion barrels.’ The SNP have welcomed this as “great news,” verifying the “major economic potential” for Scottish oil over the next few decades, and boosting the case for a new North Sea oil fund.

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Chaos Reigns: Fight for Socialism! (Issue 28 Editorial)

Issue 28 of Revolution is out now! Includes Marxist analysis on the Brexit Crisis, the climate crisis and the supposed oil boom, looming trade union struggles, the YES movement and class divisions over currency in he SNP, the EU election, Corbyn and the Labour Party as well international news from the movement against the Bolsonaro government in Brazil and the striking dockworkers in France and Italy. We publish the editorial written by Ross Walker from the IMT Edinburgh branch.

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Land Inequality in Scotland: The Marxist Solution

The findings of the Scottish Land Commission’s research into land ownership in rural parts of the country has revealed that 70% percent of Scotland’s countryside lies in the hands of just over 1,100 owners. While not necessarily a revelation, this report has once again put pressure on the Scottish government to act on the nefarious control of monopolies over swathes of land – many on the basis of archaic, historical ties to 17th century Scottish feudalism – and brought to the forefront the unethical power of private property in serving the interests of the ruling class.

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Soft Brexit and Hard Austerity: What is the Alternative? (Issue 27 Editorial)

Issue 27 of Revolution is out now! Articles Trident, Brexit, independence, the teachers dispute, land inequality, the Catalan political prisoners, Netflix’s Trotsky and more. Get your copy now and if your interested in getting active with the International Marxist Tendency, get in touch! We publish the editorial here.

EIS Teachers Win Pay Dispute

The victory of Scotland’s teachers in securing a 13.51% pay rise (over three years) highlights the strength and power of organised workers. As previously reported in Revolution, teachers in Scotland have been involved in a highly protracted pay dispute. Unions have campaigned for a 10% pay rise on the basis that teachers’ pay has fallen by 24% in the last ten years in real terms whilst workloads have become even more stressful.

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50 years of Trident: How can we abolish nuclear weapons?

2019 marks 50 years of Britain’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. Theresa May took the opportunity to praise the “independent deterrent” while also affirming Britain’s place in the imperialist NATO alliance. This anniversary has not passed by without criticism. The SNP led a debate in the House of Commons, wherein they called for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

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