Public Inquiry Finally Called on Sheku Bayoh

By Clara McGill, Glasgow Marxists

Almost five years after the suspicious death of Sheku Bayoh in police custody the Scottish Government has agreed to hold a public inquiry. Sheku Bayoh, a black trainee gas engineer from Fife, died in 2015 of suffocation after being brutally attacked by several police officers ‘restraining’ him using CS gas and batons. They had been called to the scene looking for a man with a knife, yet Sheku was completely unarmed. After the brutal beating, which left him with over 50 injuries including head wounds, a fractured rib, facial injuries and bruises all over his body he never regained consciousness and 90 minutes later was pronounced dead.

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Pride and Prejudice in Police Scotland

Sarah Taylor, Newcastle and Harvey Dodds, Edinburgh

On 19th of August, at Glasgow Pride, 5 activists were arrested. This allegedly fell under discrimination laws, as one protester was brandishing a sign with the slogan ‘Faggots Fight Fascism’. This arrest occurred, whilst allowing the homophobic Christian group across the road to shout mantras condemning queer people to hell.


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