Indy March Attracts Thousands

Nathan Taylor, Glasgow Marxists

On the 6th October, tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of Edinburgh calling for an independent Scotland. Official estimates put the number in attendance at between 80,000 and 120,000, making it one of the biggest mobilisations in Scottish history. While Scottish politics might seem uneventful at the moment, it is clear that the appetite for independence is still very much alive and well.

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Fight for the Future (Issue 23 Editorial)

By Ross Walker

September/ October edition of Revolution out now. Articles on the need for free education, defending asylum seekers from Serco landlords, Amazon workers, the orange order and fighting bigotry, the impact of Trotsky’s death, dialectical materialism and the Euro crisis. Read here, the editorial by Ross Walker from the IMT Edinburgh branch.

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Solidarity with Sikh Community and YMCA

Tam Burke, IMT Edinburgh

People are shocked and outraged at attacks on the Sikh Gurdwara at Sherriff Brae, Leith, and the damage to the nearby YMCA in Junction Place on 28th August. Fortunately, soon after the attacks a passer-by saw fire and smoke coming from the door of the Sikh Temple. The fire brigade soon arrived and put out the flames, which were caused by a lit rag stuffed into a canister of petrol. A 49 year old man has appeared in court in relation to the attack.

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Defend Asylum Seekers’ Homes: Lock Out The Landlords

By Ellen Morton, Glasgow Marxists

Earlier this month the multimillion-pound company ‘Serco’ demonstrated how far it is willing to go in the callous pursuit of profit. It issued notices to refugees and asylum-seekers stating that in 7 days the locks to their homes would be changed, leaving them out on the streets with no-where to go. Similar evictions, albeit on a smaller scale, have been happening across the UK in the past year and highlight the complete inability of private contractors to provide safe, high-quality and consistent housing for some of society’s most vulnerable people.

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Orange Reaction

By Shaun Morris, Glasgow Marxists

The shadow of sectarianism loomed large this summer, as the annual Orange Order marches drew criticism and outrage. In Belfast and other parts of the North of Ireland, loyalist mobs clashed with police and intimidated nationalist communities when bonfires were removed on safety grounds. In Scotland, a Catholic priest was spat on by a passing Orange parade.

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Tories will leave students with £1 trillion in debts that can’t be repaid

The Tories will leave students with £1 trillion in debts that can’t be repaid. So much for “conservative fiscal responsibility”!

By Alex Johnson, IMT Edinburgh

Stressed out teachers are leaving the profession in droves, an overhaul of GCSEs has led many students to feel suicidal and declining conditions are hitting university staff. The British education system is in crisis left, right and centre. Young people are bearing the brunt of this crisis with ever-mounting debts from maintenance and tuition fees and a lack of career prospects. The worst outcomes and highest debts are falling on the shoulders of working-class students.

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Class Struggle Begins to Thaw (Issue 22 Editorial:)

by Ross Walker

The July/August Revolution is out now. Subscribe on our website to get it delivered to your door. Articles on the Growth Commission Report, the move to the left in USDAW, left opposition within the SNP, John  Maclean, Israel and Palestine and more. Read here the editorial written by Ross Walker of the Edinburgh IMT branch. If you like our analysis and aims, do not hesitate to contact us and join.

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Challenging The SNP Status Quo

By Shaun Morris, Glasgow Marxists

Since becoming a party with a mass membership, there has been an underlying tension between the SNP members and their leaders. The constraints of the SNP’s old structure have been shown on multiple occasions at conferences and on election campaigns, when members have mobilised themselves and had to drag the party’s officialdom with them. The party has opened a constitutional review to look into how it could reform.

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Tory Cuts Fuel Domestic Violence and Abuse

By Ellen Morton, Glasgow Marxists

The current crisis of capitalism has had huge consequences for ordinary people, with dramatic falls in living standards, job losses and welfare cuts. Working class women are being particularly hard hit by this crisis, facing stagnating wages in already low-paid jobs and often having to bear the brunt of austerity cuts to public services and welfare. Since 2010, 86% of the Tory cuts have been targeted at jobs and services that are dominated by women

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Growth Commission report: No to Scottish Capitalism, For a Workers’ Republic!

By Marios Kalomenopoulos, IMT Edinburgh

The publishing of the Growth Commission report, “Scotland – A New Case for Optimism” has raised the question of whether independence can work under capitalism clearer than ever before. This paper has received criticism not just from raging unionists, but importantly large elements of the YES campaign and indeed within the SNP itself and mostly from the left. The discussion around this document is a very welcome development, and with the SNP promising to hold public meetings over the summer on the report, it is likely to provoke a debate where socialists should present a clear alternative.

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