Class Struggle Begins to Thaw (Issue 22 Editorial:)

by Ross Walker

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Challenging The SNP Status Quo

By Shaun Morris, Glasgow Marxists

Since becoming a party with a mass membership, there has been an underlying tension between the SNP members and their leaders. The constraints of the SNP’s old structure have been shown on multiple occasions at conferences and on election campaigns, when members have mobilised themselves and had to drag the party’s officialdom with them. The party has opened a constitutional review to look into how it could reform.

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Tory Cuts Fuel Domestic Violence and Abuse

By Ellen Morton, Glasgow Marxists

The current crisis of capitalism has had huge consequences for ordinary people, with dramatic falls in living standards, job losses and welfare cuts. Working class women are being particularly hard hit by this crisis, facing stagnating wages in already low-paid jobs and often having to bear the brunt of austerity cuts to public services and welfare. Since 2010, 86% of the Tory cuts have been targeted at jobs and services that are dominated by women

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Growth Commission report: No to Scottish Capitalism, For a Workers’ Republic!

By Marios Kalomenopoulos, IMT Edinburgh

The publishing of the Growth Commission report, “Scotland – A New Case for Optimism” has raised the question of whether independence can work under capitalism clearer than ever before. This paper has received criticism not just from raging unionists, but importantly large elements of the YES campaign and indeed within the SNP itself and mostly from the left. The discussion around this document is a very welcome development, and with the SNP promising to hold public meetings over the summer on the report, it is likely to provoke a debate where socialists should present a clear alternative.

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Who’s to pay? Glasgow Harbour Tenants vs Private Construction

By Max wright, IMT Edinburgh


Over 300 Properties at Glasgow Harbour[1], as well as two new Hospitals, have been revealed to have the same deadly Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding which added to the devastation of June 14th’s Grenfell fire. Now the tenants of the cheap building efforts are being made to foot the bill.

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RBS Closures: Nationalise the Banks Under Workers’ Control!

Yesterday, RBS Chief, Ross McEwan told MPs that the closure of 62 branches was “commercially necessary”. We publish here an article form our recent issue of Revolution on the RBS and why think its necessary (for non commercial reasons) to nationalise the banks under workers control.

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Labour, The SNP and The Single Market

By John Webber, Glasgow Marxists


In the last two weeks we’ve seen Holyrood coming into conflict with Westminster over the devolution of powers and Corbyn declaring his support for remaining in the customs union after Brexit. At the weekend we also saw Sturgeon and the National liken Corbyn to Farage after a speech on immigration at the Scottish Labour conference. In light of such events, we publish here, a Marxist analysis by John Webber on the Labour, the SNP and The Single Market.

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Making Poverty Profitable

Daniel Morley of Socialist Appeal in London discusses the latest accusations and revelations that have engulfed Oxfam and the murky global charity sector, including Scottish charity SCIAF. A sexual abuse scandal originally centered around Oxfam has now spread to many other household name charities, including Red Cross and Unicef. This has shone a bright light into the opaque world of the big charities, revealing that these organisations are part and parcel of the capitalist system that they purport to be on a mission to make just. In reality, they feed on poverty and the public’s conscience whilst doing nothing to end it.

Originally published on


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Issue 20 Editorial: Scotland in 2018

By Amy Dean, Glasgow Marxists

We publish here the editorial for issue 20 of Revolution, the Scottish paper of The International Marxist Tendency. This issue includes articles on abolishing the monarchy, the battle for Bifab, Corbyn, the SNP and The national question, the Holyrood budget, bitcoin and supporting Syria’s Kurds against Turkish invasion. If you’d like a copy, please let us know. Minimum price is £1 plus postage but extra solidarity donations are always welcome. If you agree with our ideas get in contact and join us in fighting for a Scottish Worker’s republic and a World Socialist Revolution.

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Flaggate: National Divisions and The Capitalist Press

By Paddy O’ Brien, Edinburgh IMT

For over 100 years we have had mass media in the UK, feeding the working class propaganda and telling them which of the established political parties to vote for. You would have hoped in a so called “democratic” and “free” society that over this period, the style of journalism would have evolved into a fair and unbiased view to inform people of the social injustices in society. But as we all know, the press has continued to report on insignificant news stories that do nothing but incite national division between the working classes. If you want an example to this journalism, look no further than the headlines of Britain’s longest running newspaper (I use the term loosely), The Daily Mail.

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