Scotland Marches For A #FreePalestine

Thousands took to the streets this weekend in Scotland, and millions across the world to protest the ongoing Israeli bombardment of Gaza.


The John Maclean Society showed up in solidarity with Palestinians against the brutal Israeli oppression across all occupied territories and the inhumane war on Gaza, in a protest organised on 15 May in Edinburgh.

The protest started in Regent Road Park. To a crowd of at least 2000 people, Palestinian speakers relayed their own experiences, and local organisations spoke of actions that could be taken to help end the Occupation, including demanding the UK government stops arm sales to Israel, and supporting the ‘Boycott, Divest, Sanction’ (BDS) campaign.

The crowd marched to the US Consulate in Edinburgh, chanting for a Free Palestine, denouncing global imperialism and the US support of the Israeli war machine. To send a strong message to the Scottish Government about their own complicity, the crowd then spontaneously marched across Princess Street to the official residence of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, effectively shutting down the street and inspiring many to join on the way.

The demonstration fell on the 73rd anniversary of Nakba, or “The Catastrophe”, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were massacred or forced to flee their homes upon the establishment of Israel.

Of course, the Nakba is ongoing. The Zionist occupation assaults Palestinians daily, restricts their movements and controls their resources. Israel continuous its attempts to ethnically cleanse occupied cities, as we’ve seen in Sheikh Jarrah in the past week. It continuous its siege on Gaza, prevent access to basic necessities, and mercilessly bombard it whenever it sees fit.

Recently, a mass uprising was seen across all of occupied Palestine, including inside Israel. As in Edinburgh, people have come out in thousands all over the world in support and solidarity. These mass movements are the way forward – no solution will ever be granted by imperialist “peace” plans.

  • No trust in Imperialism!
  • International mobilisation and working-class unity for the overthrow of capitalism at home and abroad!


The Glasgow Marxists joined the nearly-10,000 strong march through the streets of Glasgow on Sunday the 16 May. Families and groups of young people filled George Square with loud chants in support of Palestinian liberation, before marching through the city centre all the way to the BBC Pacific Quay studios.

The protest had spread largely through social media and word-of-mouth, reaching much of Glasgow’s Muslim population who turned out in strong numbers. The week previously, their community had been besieged by the UK Home Office in the attempted Kemure Street immigration raid.

The anger and feeling of strength through struggle was carried on to the mass demonstration on Sunday. As the unexpectedly hot sun beat down on the marchers, there were spontaneous chants of ‘Free Palestine!’ and ‘Occupation No More!’, some started by children no older than 12.

Drivers honked their horns and revved their engines in a show of support, while people applauded and flew Palestine flags from their balconies by the Clyde. Hospitality workers emerged from restaurants and cafés to clap for the passing march.

Our route led us to the BBC studios, to draw attention to the atrocious bias in mainstream reporting of Israel’s attacks on Palestine. Every day, as Gazans are butchered in dozens, the capitalist press seems only interested in Hamas. While Netanyahu openly announces his intention to bomb or starve Gaza out of existence, the media touts so-called “world leaders” praising Israel’s “right to defend itself”!

Even when the Israeli army directly attacks the international press, levelling the offices of Al Jazeera, the Associated Press and others, the BBC publishes the official justification that there were “Hamas military assets” involved.

People have had enough of the lies. The truth comes out, and when it does millions around the world join protests like this. The crimes of Israel’s apartheid and occupation of Palestine are notorious, and the world working class stands in solidarity with the struggle for liberation.

  • End Israeli Apartheid! End Capitalism!
  • No Trust in Imperialist “Peace” Plans! Intifada Until Victory!