Goodbye Revolution – The Communist is here!

January 2024 marked the publication of the final issue Revolution and the launch of The Communist, a fortnightly communist paper for the whole of Britain.

The new paper sees a merging of the forces around Socialist Appeal in England and Wales with those of Revolution in Scotland, in the fight for the overthrow of capitalism across these islands and worldwide.

You can read a statement from the editorial board of Revolution and take out a subscription to The Communist below.

We recognize our old friend, our old mole, who knows so well how to work underground, suddenly to appear: the revolution.” — Karl Marx

We have been publishing Revolution since the dramatic days of September 2014, when the British ruling class got a shock as over one and a half million in Scotland voted for a rupture with the British state.

Looking back, we can see that this was only the beginning of a series of shocks to the system: Corbyn’s leadership of Labour, Brexit and the Tory civil war, the global coronavirus pandemic and following strike wave.

We’re now living in a changed world, where the objective prerequisites for a revolutionary explosion in Scotland are being prepared.

With our modest forces, we have sought to introduce genuine Marxist ideas and programme to the working class of Scotland, highlighting the necessity of independent proletarian organisation and revolutionary politics. While many on the ‘left’ have been blown this way and that by the storm and stress of the past period, we have set a straight course.

It is imperative, however, that we stay ahead of the tide. As communists, we must be in the vanguard of the struggle, teaching the working class how and why it must fight for revolution.

We have been striving for this, with many comrades contributing their best efforts to build up Revolution as a voice for the revolution to come. The launch of a monthly paper last year was a bold step, and the foundation of The Communist will be bolder still.

Though we are saying goodbye to Revolution, we will continue our red crusade under the banner of The Communist, bringing you the same news and analysis, plus much more.

As a fortnightly paper for the whole of Britain, we will be able to keep on top of the pace of events much better, reach a broader audience and continue to develop the highest-quality analysis and theory that you can get in print.

In May of this year we will also be participating in the founding Congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Who else in Scotland can say that they are taking such firm steps to make Communism a force within the working class? Still there are none, besides ourselves. We hope that our readers will join us, contribute to The Communist and build it as the voice of world revolution in Britain.

To Revolution, we say: ‘Well burrowed old mole’. And now: Long Live The Communist!

Revolution editorial board

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