Pandemic, Prejudice and Poverty: A Marxist Solution

Issue 34 Editorial by Ross Walker

Six months ago when we entered this new decade, nobody could have predicted that we’d be being propelled into the second half of 2020 by a worldwide mass #blacklivesmatter movement under the restrictions of the most global and paralysing lockdown in history. It would be foolish to attempt any accurate predictions of exactly what the rest of the year has in store for us, but what we can say for certain is that this period of instability has only just begun.

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SNP Side with Tories to Block Support for Tenants

By Phil Martin, IMT Edinburgh

MSPs belonging to the Scottish National Party teamed up with the Tories in the Scottish Parliament at the end of May in order to vote against measures designed to protect tenants during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Members of the parliamentary COVID-19 committee were considering amendments to emergency legislation that were put forward by Scottish Labour and the Scottish Green Party.

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Spain Demand for “New Marshall Plan” Reveals Crisis in EU

After several weeks of tug-of-war, a precarious agreement was reached on aid to EU member countries that need extra financing to deal with the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus epidemic. The states will get up to 540,000 million euros, but under what conditions? What does this have to do with the Marshall Plan for Europe that Pedro Sánchez demands? Is this viable?

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Pandemic shows the Growth Commission is Dead. Fight for a Scottish Workers’ Republic

Almost six years have passed since the Scottish independence referendum, and over this time, the UK has been ruled by a perpetual Tory government. This stasis has led to a resurgence of the independence campaign. It is important to analyse what such an independent Scotland would look like in our current crisis.

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Lockdown in The Eye of The Storm: Time to Prepare!

A trade unionist in Edinburgh recently commented on the new challenges of union organising, saying that in COVID times a few days are like several months. This is very apt. Whilst out in the streets things are eerily quiet, inside, in the houses and the key workplaces we’re going through a huge and irreversible change in consciousness.

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Highland “Isolation Holidays” for the rich shows the need for Land Nationalisation

While workers across the world are facing uncertain incomes or being forced into work by bosses with little regard to safety, workers in the Scottish Highlands are also facing another threat to their safety. There has been a huge influx of people into their remote communities, many paying for luxury ‘isolation holidays’ or returning to their second homes, putting what little services exist in these areas under enormous strain. This reflects a broader pattern of the ruling class viewing the Highlands as their playground, leaving locals with a lack of housing, poor economic opportunities and a severe lack of vital services.

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Scotland: An Independent European nation?

When the results of the 2016 EU membership referendum came in, Nicola Sturgeon took to the airwaves to denounce the fact that while the rest of the UK had voted to Leave, Scottish voters had not. While this fact has been consistently used to make a democratic case for independence, the SNP policy on the EU has evolved multiple times: from “special status”, to Single Market membership, to “Stop Brexit”. As Britain has now left the EU, this process of evolution has merged the two questions, with the main SNP slogan now being “an independent European nation”: advocating that an independent Scotland would re-join the European Union.

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Britain on the Brink: Build for Revolution (Issue 32 Editorial)

The ancient Chinese military specialist Sun Tzu once said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” It is for this reason that Marxists spend many an hour studying the capitalist class. Fortunately for us there exists The Financial Times, a paper which gives a very honest commentary on behalf of this class, often revealing their anxieties, ideas and long term plans. In January, the paper’s senior economics editor at the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, showed his anxiety by drawing attention to “an unholy trinity of slowing productivity growth, soaring inequality and huge financial shocks” that have gripped capitalism in recent decades.

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Indy Movement Must Learn Lessons from General Election: For a Workers’ Republic!

The beginning of 2020 will be shadowed by December’s election results. New Years Day hangovers pale in comparison to the Friday the 13th feeling of waking up to a Tory majority. However 2020 will not simply be defined by this but will be an extremely eventful year. A new phase of class struggle will open up in Scotland, the rest of these islands and the world over.

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