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The world is in a state of rolling crises: political, social, economic and ecological. As wealth inequality skyrockets, global growth stagnates and ecosystems burn, even the ultra-rich feel a sense of unease about the future stability of society. What the ruling class really fear is the rising tide of class struggle apparent in all countries.

The capitalist system is decaying before us, caught in a downward spiral of its own contradictions. With each attempt to resolve a particular problem or address a particular crisis, the foundations for future troubles are laid. For the world to move beyond capitalism, it is necessary to fight to overthrow it.

The International Marxist Tendency is a Marxist cadre organisation based on a revolutionary and internationalist programme. Founded in the working class and youth, the IMT unites all who wish to dedicate themselves to the struggle for international socialist revolution.

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We have no big business backers, but wholly rely on the support of the working class. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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